Just an idea I have.

6th Sense
Today I was approached by a man when I was out walking by a shopping mall. This man asked what my Alpha ability was. I gave him a strange look, but thought; OK I guess he can see something in me.
I said to him that I don’t believe that anybody has abilities like those characters in those TV shows. I do believe in hyper senses and 6th senses though. In fact I told this man about mine, he did ask.
I thought that would be the end of it, but he told me he was a Clinical psychology and he was doing a study of people with extra senses. My eyes grew and I almost asked if he could help me. I kept my composure and acted as I always did. Life’s problems are just something you have to deal with.
He invited me to a group counseling center that he ran a Clinical study twice a week. I asked what he was studying, just to make it clear.