I was dreaming of what could have been, but I get over that quickly. “What is, is what was meant to be!” I was wishing what could be???
I’ve been watching that show “Once Upon a Time on ABC” I like how they represent Rumpelstiltskin as Mr. Gold. He can grant your wish, at a price, but not any price, a trade, if you will.
I already know his name I can get anything. Now what to trade…some old toys….
Ah ah ah, it needs to be something dear to your heart, precious….
I think I will not wish that wish that I had. What would you wish away?

I was thinking this would be a good premise for a story. “Like all stories this has been written, again and again.” A futuristic Rumpelstiltskin that just grants wishes to the riches children. You ask what more could a rich child want. I would ask what a rich child would throw away for a wish. This has been written also, but not in my future or my wishes.
I searched on-line for what has been written about Rumpelstiltskin;