To the Moon???

Should we go? What’s up there but Moon rock and dust?
It would be cool on the moon. Freezing!
Humans would loss strength by living on the moon, because there is not enough gravity on the Moon.
Maybe a vacation, yeah with 8% gravity I could fly….on the Moon. Right into outer space!

I see a rover going to the Moon to dig a hole and find a layer of ice under the crust of the Moon. Maybe there is ice on the dark side of the moon. If scientists fin ice on the moon there will be a moon rush. The moon can support life??? We could reasonably build a Hotel Dome on the Moon. Because there is no atmosphere on the Moon, solar panels would absorb more solar energy to power the Vacation Dome.

People would take vacations to the Moon to feel the weightlessness of the Moon. The Moon could turn into a port way to Mars like in the book I wrote, “The New Mars, A Family Vacation”