The Dentist

The Dentist
I had an appointment scheduled for the first week in December, “To day?” I lost the card, so I asked my Dad to confirm it was this week, because I don’t do well over the phone. I gave him the number to call from a website that I thought was my dentist, I lost the card. He called and they told him that I didn’t need an appointment until January.
I shook my head, “Fine.”
I got a call on Monday to remind me of an appointment to day at 10am.
I forgot it was to day and showed up a half hour late. They told me that they could see me in forty five minutes. I didn’t want to wait.
“I ask my Dad to call last week to confirm this appointment and he made an appointment for the first week in January.”
“Nope, you don’t have an appointment.”
“Fine, when can you see me next?”
“December 26th?”
“January 9th?”
“Fine, that should work.”
I came home with my dad telling me, “You should have stayed, today, so you don’t forget.” Anyway I got home checked the E-mail I sent him and I did say to confirm the appointment.
Now I have two appointments with a Dentist the same week. The dentist offices are less than a block apart….
The moral of this story is to go to the Dentist. If not before the Holidays than after the New Year is a good annual appointment. It is recommended to see your dentist twice a year.
I’ll have that done before the second week, next year.