I have to believe, but where are they? I’m guessing they are few and far between. I’m surprised that the detectives who are searching for criminals or even children aren’t using telepaths. There are a number of TV shows that are about people with extra sensory perception being used to help solve crimes. Why haven’t I heard them being used in real life?
Maybe I just don’t listen well enough like that EMT on TV that helps a hot blond cop find her criminals. I have been thinking of a good story about just that. I get bored with the back story that I like to open a story with.
Advice, Start your story with the action, but please include the back story as the story moves forward. I always hate having to ask where these characters came from. “When did this guy know he had such powers?”
I’ve started with the people who found the character out on the street, randomly. Like the X—Men that have a device that finds mutants. I can’t have that.
A team of college students doing a study with another character finds the main character in a park. They are tracking the different Oras that a subject in there study can see.
She sees all Kinds of Oras in different living things, people, animals, even plants. Listing what she sees as the walk through the park she gets distracted.
“Who is that?”
“Can’t you see that? His Ora is so strong.”
“Really? Let’s go introduce ourselves.”
And the story begins with a group of college students testing this man for ESP talents, which is where I get bored with it….
An aura is a glow of colors surrounding a person or object. Some people feel that the color reflects the inner soul of a person and others will find a scientific reason, like electro-magnetism, and others, like me, don’t see people’s auras at all, or not often.

Here’s a webpage with the color meanings (too many to list here): http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/auracolormeanings.html

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