The Alien Pioneers


Five years after a spacecraft from a far off solar system landed in the North American, Arizona Desert.  These aliens from other planets have joined the work force of the United States.  Not all people are happy these aliens have come to Earth.  Questions are asked and answered, but within these answers are hidden truths.

Read pre-prologue to answers some questions that may seem unanswered throughout this book.  The pre-prologue tells part of the story of how three races of aliens miraculously escape from an unjustly imprisonment.  This book is about how these aliens strive to join the Earth’s community.


The Micallic Aliens from the Micallian Solar System have been in the United States workforce for over five years.  Yes, they have traveled between the Galaxies, but will they share this technology with us Earthlings and show us other worlds?  NO, they say they know better.

A human media planner working for a community of these Aliens builds a questionable relationship with her alien boss.  A human woman volunteers at a Micallics farming community where she advances her career and takes her family with her.  While her intelligent 11 year old daughter forms relationships with two different communities of Aliens, the woman tries to join two communities of different aliens with the humans.

Follow the different communities of Micallics joining the Earth community.  See how they share the skills that they brought.  A couple, a family, and different communities of Micallics merge.  Find out if the Earthlings accept these Micallic Aliens as they spread across the globe.  What are they like?  Are they here to help?  Will they hurt us or save the humans of planet Earth?

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Cover 4.0