At the Micallic Solar system

An escape occurred in a galaxy far-far away from Earth where three planets support life. The life forms of these planets differ from being seven-foot giants to five-foot beings with high intellect. The third planet has the largest population and is the most volatile. A number of communities of Lentusnues on this planet were at war.
A union was formed on the grounds of having common enemies of the many Lentusnues communities. This union formed the Lentusnues Empire. Like most Empires they did not just want to run the planet, this Empire wanted to run the solar system. Over the next decades, the Empire grew to control most of the goods and services around this solar system.
Most of the Pollexues from the closest planet liked the Empire’s peacekeepers that keep the conflicts on their planet to a minimum. There were two main assemblies of Pollexues, which were mostly at peace with each other. There were committees that wanted to grow the relations with the Lentusnues Empire to help their economy grow. They saw the peace the Empire had brought to the, Lentusnues, once chaotic planet.
The Animusles kept to themselves, but after the Lentusnues Empire investigated colonizing their planet, they had to act. The Empire was over-confident and thought the Animusles would be easy to subdue. After their first landing, the Empire thought that they would land a battle cruiser, but the Animusles were prepared.
They didn’t bomb the craft or anything as explosive. The Animusles had bio-engineered workers that they turned into soldiers. These soldiers took the battle cruiser and killed all on board with ease. The Lentusnues Empire took these actions as acts of war. The Empire was driven back to their planet or imprisoned, but the solar system was never the same.
The Bio-Soldiers that the Animusles created at first as workers with the ability to learn did learn a lot from this war. These soldiers kept the peace by imprisoning criminals and all of the Micallian Solar System who rebelled against their order. A moon of the Animusles’ planet was cold but sufficient to hold a number of prisoners. A group of prisoners from the Empire started to form a union with other prisoners from all three planets.
The few caretakers of this prison moon did not see a reason to mind about prisoners working well together. Over the next year, these prisoners started a person to person relay to the planet below by the willing pilots that carried goods to the moon. There was a monthly transport from the planet to each prison camp on this moon.
The united prisoners could not join with any of the other camps before a craft was available to ship these united prisoners away. The craft that the prisoners acquired was a science environmental craft that was suited for long-term travel. The prisoners took the craft out of the solar system to a far off system in the Milky Way.

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