Working with the Aliens

Carol Conquest
After five years of college, I have a public relations degree. Throughout college I focused on building a career that I could live with myself doing. After two years at my second choice school, I was admitted to the Ivy League University that I wanted to start at. The University did not accept all of my classes, so I needed an extra semester that I turned into a full year.
I took the classes needed and some other business and marketing classes, so I could excel in any job I was lucky enough to have. After that fifth year of college, I hunted for work and found a number of jobs I was over qualified for, yet I started at a position that I was under paid and underappreciated for.
After a spacecraft landed in the Arizona Desert not far from where I lived, I was intrigued and frightened. I was looking into what these aliens were about, and they caught my interest. What surprised me was how the U.S. Government welcomed them. I heard that the U.S. Government was aware of the spacecraft before its arrival, but there are many Contradictory stories that fog the truth.
From the actions of the U.S. Government, I do believe that the U.S. Government had prior arrangements with these aliens. After a few years passed, most of the hysteria had settled, and the aliens were working with us humans. They were welcoming human workers to help them negotiate with the businesses of the United States. The Aliens did not share their higher technologies with us, but they were trying to be accepted by growing food and feeding us.
I have heard the saying “The path to the heart is through the stomach.” These Aliens took it literally and started farming. I applied for a job with the biggest, strongest, most powerful aliens to gain the best position I could. My 20/20 eye site does cause me to prejudge, as it does for most humans. I got a job that was challenging and rewarding to me, but the most challenging part of this job has yet alluded me.

Rachel Marshal
I was as surprised by the spacecraft as anyone. My husband, Josh, was as he always is and says he knew something was going on in Arizona.
I had to laugh. I am sure he guessed an alien spacecraft was landing. He thinks the government knew it. It was reported that they cleared that area before the craft landed, and he says he knew something was happening.
I was questioning why they were here, what did they want, where did they come from. Josh steadied my fears with his commentary. I was too concerned with my family at this time to concern myself with things out of my control.
I did what was needed to help my daughter and family work and live in this new world.

Josh Marshal
I lost my job, and we moved in with my wife’s mother in Pennsylvania. I am looking for work; even the jobs that I am over qualified for are not hiring. Now the United States is being overrun by overactive aliens. Not from Mexico, but from another world.
I am helping my stepmother out at the church, but I have not made many connections there. I look after my daughter a lot more since Rachel had volunteered for the Lentusnues. She has been offered a position at the nearby office, and is now working with them. When they arrived, I did not know what to think. I hoped our government had made the proper arrangements.
The smart aliens keep to themselves and the big aliens seem too scared to act out. The Lentusnues are too much. They seem nice, but too childlike. Rachel tells me that the community of Lentusnues that she is working with wants to spread. I will never find a job if they spread too far.

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