What gifts changed your life?

Today few Christmas gifts change you, but to give you something to entertain you for a while. What I asked myself after getting a shirt two sizes too big and a gift card for a shop I don’t shop; What am I going to get with this?
I was recalling past gifts this person has given me. She got me a jacket that at the time I thought, When am I going to ware this? She saw my expression wasn’t appreciative, so she started to explain some of her reasoning behind the gift.
The gift was a nice black water resistant jacket. The jacket is nice and I ware it more often than I thought I would. It was her explanation that changed me. This jacket had a zipper that thought I would have too much trouble zipping up, so when she said that she thought the zipper would be easier than buttons.
My hands don’t work that well, so I can’t fasten buttons without a button hook. I have learned that zipping my jacket can be easier. Some jackets are more difficult, but now I have more jackets with zippers.
This year for the family Pollyanna I asked for thick ankle high socks. I was afraid that I’d get woollies??? I didn’t want worm socks. Half of the ankle high socks that I got last year already have holes, so I wanted tougher socks.
I got crew socks that were working man socks, but they were too high. I was taking my dog for a walk and my ankles got cold, crew socks, they keep my ankles worm in 25 degree weather….
I’m asking what gifts changed your life? Don’t say the jacket you got still keeps you worm…or the socks still keep your feet worm.

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