Guns Go Bang……

When I was ?younger than ten? my family of four were invited to an old neighbor’s new country house. I remember they had a pond and clay disks that the used big guns to shoot. I’m sure I held one, but I doubt I shot one of the big guns.
Over the years I never used a gun, but for a friend pellet gun to shot targets. I never thought I needed more than my fists, but I can’t stand down a criminal with a gun. If I move quick maybe I could disarm a criminal that got too close to me with his gun.
Do I need a gun? People use guns to hunt for their dinner to feed their family. People use guns to shoot targets. I hear that target practice helps some people focus their thoughts. Do these people need more than a six shooter or a shotgun?
A hunter that hunts to feed his family needs those high capacity clips, so their diner doesn’t get away while they reload. These hunters need high powered riffles, so they just need to hit their dinner once. Obama don’t starve the families of these hunter’s, with bad aim.
I hate to hear that people feel they need a gun to protect themselves. That shows that we need a stronger police force. These people don’t need more than an semi-automatic pistol, in my opinion. Support the Police and them keep you safe.
I can see doing background checks on the entire house hold of people who want to buy a gun. Obama, don’t make it easier to get a gun illegally, you will create more criminals. People ask why the law that out lawed assault rifles ended.
“There was no change in the crime rate with assault rifles. It just made the government cost more.”
“Criminals don’t obey gun laws!”

The Truth About Assault Wepons is how the gun looks;

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