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Changing the Little Things

Writing this book has helped me get a different view on my life. I wish to help others gain control of there lives. Here is a excerpt that may help you see how.

Tarry1978: We have to change the way that the leader of our group of friends sees us.

Mike1991: That’s me. I’d like to think, but I can see the one person who has the most impact on my group of friends would be, and it’s not the leader.

John2010: That’s right, it’s not always the leader that you need to change. It could be the one who has the most impact on that leader or the entire group. So you may need to take the group dynamic apart to see who you need to change.

Anna1983: Yes, and my friends have subgroups also. Like the order that my friends choose to ask each other out to a show…

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