New York’s soda band???

I do understand the concept of not allowing oversized cups in restaurants and fast-food dinners. The idea is that if someone orders an extra-large fat-filled beverage and they feel that they got a deal. They also feel that they better take advantage of this deal and finish all of the fat-filled drink. The drink dealer knows this, so the sell a lot and make a few cents more on something that doesn’t cost them a half-a-cent.

The concept is not to allow such beverages to be sold, so the customer doesn’t feel obligated to drink so much. This will cause people not to get so fat…or so is thought. A dinner can allow free refills, but the costumer just ate and doesn’t want to make the effort to get up and refill the paper cup they bought. I order a medium iced tea that I don’t usually finish, but the average person actually likes talking, so they want that extra-large beverage, so their moths don’t dry out.

What I don’t like is that it’s the government that thinks they know better, how we should live. If we let them control a little thing like our cup sizes, what’s next? They are already taxing our candy bar makers, because the government thinks candy is unhealthy. These higher tax will raise the prices, so we can’t afford as much candy and won’t get as fat. Yet people are still too fat…the government is looking for someone to blame, so are we….

Don’t let our government to prevent the growth of capitalism…it should be a free market without the government restraining it or us. We can’t a ford giving the government more power, because it will raise our taxes, not just the rich. The government is already going bankrupted by wasting our money on things that give them more power and raise our taxes. “Raise the taxes on the rich too much and they will find someplace ells to live, because they can afford it, but not these high taxes.”