Catholic Church

The new Pope will change politics in the United States! That’s right even though there is a separation between church and state in the United States. I believe the Latin American community in the United States will change their political relationship to where it always should have been. That’s right the G.O.P. will grow with the Latin community in the United States.

Why you may ask…. The Catholic Church is big in Latin America. I have my own complaints about the Catholic Church before the obvious complaint we have been hearing in the news. The Pope is a big one, not to discredit any past good deeds done by a Pope. I don’t believe such a leader of the people should be in these days with so many different communities and beliefs.

Why shouldn’t an organized religion have one over powering leader? Isn’t that gods place? Another big thing I don’t like about the Catholic Church is that it says that the pastor, or Father if you will, is your connection to god. Makes you think if you want god to hear you, you have to go to church and confess your sins. If there is a god, I believe that god can hear your hopes, dreams, and yes your confession when you pray and give thanks.

What is praying? You don’t need to be religious to pray. Wishful thinking is praying. Giving thanks to anyone, in thought, is praying. Feeling love for anything, is praying. Expressing your feelings with deeds or in song, is praying. God hears you even if you don’t believe.

Church is for children, but yes I am a seasonal church goer as Pastor Todd has said.