Who you are….

Why is my life so hard? Why couldn’t they accept me for who I really am?
Why don’t they know who you really are? Who are you?
I am me, but I try to be who they want, so why don’t they accept me?
Changing yourself for somebody ells shows how much you love them.
I just want to be accepted. Why can’t I find the people who will accept me for who I am?
You need to share with the closest people in your life who you are. Stop trying to be who you think they want you to be.
They won’t accept who I really am, because I’m boring and have nothing interesting to share.
What would make you think that if you haven’t let other people know who you are?

I wish I did this and that different. I should have said this to her/him.
Why don’t you do it that way? Why don’t you tell her/him what you should have?
Because…I can’t travel through time. I couldn’t find it in me to do those things.
Cause change today by changing the little things in your relationships.
I just want them to accept me. I don’t want to have a relationship with them.
Relationships are what you have with the people you see throughout your day. Yes you even have a relationship with that stranger you pass every day.
How am I going to change how they think of me? Why would they think anything of me?
If I told you that then this conversation could go on for days. I read a book about changing the little things in your relationships.
How will that help me?
The book showed me how to cause the change I wanted at work with my co-workers and at home with my family. The book helped me reestablish friendships that I was afraid were lost.
What is this book?
“Changing the Little Things” by, J.L. Manning

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