More Bills???

The people in the U.S. Government are either stupid or just not too smart.

An example among many, the gun Bill with new gun laws, will just cost more money.

We are a country in debt. For the dim people, like politicians, that means our country shouldn’t spend more money on unneeded Bills. The lame duck president just wants to look like he’s doing something by trying to make it harder for good hard working Americans to buy a gun legally.

The new gun Bill wasn’t going anywhere from the start, but I hope it get the attention to what’s needed. The youth of America is being passed by, by the doctors that are afraid to report on a troubled child with fear of being sewed. There should be a Bill that would make doctors exempt from being sewed for reporting a child\adult that they have fear of acting out violently, to the police.

Any parent would think their child was an angel, but a doctor is educated to see these signs of a troubled child.  A counselor at a school may not be as educated, but they shouldn’t have to fear losing their job or worse for sending a student to a professional.

Bills, Bills, Bills cost money the U.S. government should put hold on them all until they have a budget. Why you may ask…the budget tells the congress how much they can spend on new Bills.  Five years without a budget should have meant five years of no Bills.  A government is there to create Bills that will help its citizens. This government has been the least helpful since….

The truth on guns….