New Storys

I have been editing my new book, and then I took a break to edit an old manuscript. The Night Watchman needs a lot of editing.  I thought I should take a break from The Alien Pioneers, so I could clear my mind of all the work it yet needs.  I would like to share the un-edited first chapter of a story I’ve been working on, so I could have some opinions on how to build a good story with this premise.



                Mr. Smith was a philanthropist who lived in Philadelphia that wants to change the world and after speaking with Dr. Andrews, he thinks he found a way.  Dr. Andrews has a Doctorate in Physics and Engineering and has been inventing things since childhood and he dreams up new inventions daily.  Dr. Andrews was looking for an investor to sponsor his research in to his gateway between Earth’s evolutions.  Mr. Smith is looking to have Dr. Andrews invent other inventions than just the Evolution Gateway that he half believes would work. 

                Dr. Andrews has collected a team of five scientists from different fields of the sciences to help him with his ideas for inventions.  It has been a year since the Lab was started in Philadelphia, and the five scientists have their own teams that do work together.  Most of the team leaders have worked with Dr. Andrews or with each other before.

                These teams have created inventions that have been patent and sold by the investor.  The investor has requested weekly reports and has stayed mostly in the shadows until receiving this week’s report.  John Smith replies to every report with a letter of thanks and requests witch inventions he would like to see more work done. 

                This week’s report tells about the Gateways first successful test that was halted after detecting intelligent life.  Mr. Smith was persuaded to pay for Dr. Andrews Lab by the promised inventions.  An invention that he thought was too unbelievable until Dr. Andrews showed him the science behind it.  Mr. Smith was very interested in seeing the gateway accomplished.

                 Mr. Smith understood more of the sciences behind the research than Dr. Andrews expected.  Mr. Smith was happy with the inventions over the past year.  He didn’t need to make much of an argument to these scientists not to make one invention public.  This week’s report got him excited, and he did make the request, again, to keep it secret.

                This Evolution Gateway seemed like Science Fiction to Mr. Smith, but he could see the unlimited benefits.  The E-Gate would open gateways threw the time dimension to other Earths that evolved differently.  The one criterion that would close the gate was the finding of intelligent life.  Mr. Smith did not want to have any unneeded interactions. 

                Mr. Smith gasped as he read this report, but was happy that they stopped the test, but since this test worked, the next test was later that day.  The first test was taken with one thousand million Evolutions away that still found intelligent life.  The second test took 5KMEs and found a crater.

                The Evaluation-Gait opens gates threw time and dimensions, but on the other side of this gate the time is effectively the same, but in a different dimension.  There are millions of millions of these dimensions.  They didn’t want to get too far from our Earth, because there needed to have been life.  The idea was to find unrequired Oil and other minerals and precious metals.

                Mr. Smith new that there was plenty of oil on this Earth, but there were laws that had been made to stop drilling for the oil.  He dreamt of finding an Earth with no more life but for rodents, insects, and plant life.  If the new earth had life that meant that, it is likely to have oil.  Mr. Smith could use the oil immediately, because he has bout rundown refineries and updated the machinery.  The second test of the E-Gate found no life for the surrounding one hundred miles, but the air did have oxygen.

                After the arm of the first rover tested the air and that there was a ground to walk on, the rover went through.  With the mini nuclear power pack, the rovers could explore freely over the new Earth.  Along with the rover was a Surveyor with a G-Drive “Gravity Drive” that let it rise threw the atmosphere.  This “Air Surveyor” flew high and with magnifying cameras did not only test the air but sent images of the surrounding grounds.

                The images that were returned to the rover were of a massive crater that showed trees to the south and ice to the north.  While the Air Surveyor was taking its pictures, the rover drilled and found oil less than a meter deep. The Air Surveyor was sent south/west in search for intelligent life.  Over the mound to the west were trees and to the south was water, but there were more trees south/west. 

                This Air Surveyor was sent as far as the west coast and Air Surveyor2 was sent from the rover to the south to search for intelligent life.  The rover had a satellite dish to search for any radio waves.  After this rover found oil a second rover with two AIR Surveyors were sent through the gate to search for more oil.  The second rover had radar to search the pool of oil.

                This pool of oil was as far east as the coast and released more oil into the ocean than was spilled on our Earth.  The pool of oil is over one hundred miles wide.  Luckily, the pool got narrower and deeper as it reached to the east.  By the time, Mr. Smith had received this report the team of scientists have found the best place to drill.

                The team was excited about this new Earth and plans for a small city were being developed.  Mr. Smith replied to this report with great eagerness to get working on the drill and the encampment.  Mr. Smith owned a part of a number of companies that he could use to help with this project.  A halt to all other projects was instated except for one other that was almost as unbelievable.

                The invention that Mr. Smith suggested to keep secret was the Gravity Drive.  This G-Drive could pull and push objects through the air using gravity.  The other project that Mr. Smith didn’t want halted was using this G-Drive to travel to the Moon and to Mars.  The tests to the Moon have been done and the construction of a human habitat has been started.

                One of the companies that Mr. Smith owns a part of dose steel framing.  Mr. Smith has warehouses filled with steel frames that have carbon jelled walls to protect from Solar Radiation.  These scientists are using Nano Robotics and rovers to construct a Moon Dome.  The scientists designed Mini-Domes for the scientific exploration that will be done on the Moon.

                Mr. Smith wanted to have a massive hotel dome, because with the Gravity Drive, it would be more profitable to have a vacation spot on the Moon.  The project starts with plans of a port way to be constructed on the moon along with two mini-domes.  The port way would have rooms’ restaurants and parks for vacationers.  The Gravity Drive was still kept secret, so the scientists wondered when Mr. Smith was to go public with the vacation spot on the Moon. 

                The five teams of scientists had specific projects to be working on until now.  Now they are all taking part in these projects, the E-Gate, construction of the drill and encampment.  The second project is the use of the G-Drive to the Moon and the construction of the Moon Dome.  The scientists were looking in to how weightlessness and the low gravity of the Moon will affect the human body. 

                A team recommends having vibrating exercise machines to be in every bedroom to be used for five minutes every morning to keep the human body fit.  The passenger should be strapped done and drugged for the trip to the Moon that will take longer than a trip to Mars.  The trip to Mars is to use the Suns gravity to reach light speed around the Sun.

                The first test to use the Suns gravity to reach light speeds was a success with the carbon shielding protecting the satellite from solar radiation.  This satellite did need to avoid some space junk after slowing down from the sun.  A scientist did recommend just traveling at such speeds close to the sun where no other space junk would be, because it was too hot.

                The scientists did have sensors on this satellite to detect any space junk it needed to avoid, but not at light speeds.  They did find a clear path to the sun, but couldn’t calculate a path after the light speed burn.  The next tests helped them to calculate a path to Mars that would take half the time than it took to the Moon.

                The scientists were ready to start the project to Mars.  A team had the idea of starting an exploration of what was below the surface of Mars.  A scientist on this team was pushing the idea of man on Mars, but because of the advances in robotics, the scientists knew it wasn’t needed.  The scientist feared that the closest he would get to Mars would be inside a suit that controlled a robot on Mars.

                The team of scientists that were working on the shuttle to the moon added a second G-Drive to stabilize the gravity on the shuttle.   These scientists had the idea that a stabile gravity on the shuttle with it moving at light speed it could have human passengers.  They did consider the fact that time would slow down on any craft moving at light speeds, so they will need a drug to compensate the effects of time dilations.

                Mr. Smith received the report about stabilizing the gravity on the shuttles to the Moon.  He replied that the guests would need the trip to the Moon to be as stable as a plane flight across the sea.  Mr. Smith was getting memos about readymade walls were being taken from a warehouses that he owned.  This report told him about the construction of the drill, and that the robotic engineers were building the encampment.