Stop the Tarrorists!

I was watching the news and they were reporting about why the F.B.I. didn’t take action after hearing from Russia that there may be a threat from…. I can answer that the F.B.I. thought the Russian intelligence was trying to get the U.S. to take care of a threat of their own. The F.B.I. already investigated this man and found no reason to reopen the investigation.

You could say the F.B.I.’s aragonites did them in. I say it was lake of communication between countries who are hiding too much from one another, which prevented proper actions to be taken.  After the main armed forces sponsored by the U.N. pull out of Afghanistan, I hope the U.N. sponsors a united police force whose aim is to track the terrorists.

That would be a good premise for a story about a team in the U.S. that finds an individual that is out to kill Americans. On this team there needs to be two male American special ops troopers with a female British agent who bonds with the South African agent. The fifth agent is from turkey, and they are working together to stop the next terrorist attack.

This team works with teams around the world to prevent the pointless killings. The story write themselves, but the drama between the characters is what keeps the reader reading.

3 thoughts on “Stop the Tarrorists!

  1. I have to ask – why specifically a British female agent? Or why a specifically female British agent?

    I am genuinely interested in why so many fictional bad guys and so many fictional good girls are British, these days. 🙂

    • My thoughts were that a strong female British agent would be sexy and the bond with the South African agent would be more likely.
      American writers show the British as bad so their readers can recognize them as such, because of our history. “Them damn Brits are up to no good again.”

      • Well, as one of those awful Britishers, I thank you for your appreciation of the finer qualities of our secret service operatives! As a northerner, I hated being ruled from London, too 😉

        Not sure about the SA bonding, unless she is “polished” and he more rough – an initial conflict of styles and abrasion, mellowing and warming as respect grows….?

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