Do you have an invention?

Extendable Eraser Holder – For Sale by Inventor

Changing the Little Things

A good plot for just about any story is time travel. What if you could send somebody back in time to give you a message, and the future that you played a big part in creating is not the future you imagined. What would you do if you got a message like that, and you were working on an invention?

I would patent the invention fast and hide it. Wouldnt you do that even if it meant you wouldnt get rich? You wouldnt gain anything for your invention, but grief from having to hide it. Once youve patent the invention, its out there for almost anyone to see and offer to buy. You wouldnt sell it, so someone invents something like your invention, but not. They get rich and ruin the world them self.

What would you do if you got a message that you could stop the future from…

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