Engage in perception-checking behaviors.

I’m rebloging this post with hope that you recheck the behavior of the government you voted for. “Not I, YOU….”

Changing the Little Things

Perception checking is the process of testing your perceptions for accuracy. This is an important step toward improving your perceptual abilities because when you act on the basis of inaccurate perceptions, you run the risk of turning a situation from bad to worse, as you saw Adina do with Craig earlier in this chapter. You can engage in either direct or indirect means of perception checking.
Direct perception checking involves simply asking other people if your perception of a situation is accurate. If you perceive that Min is angry at Dmitri, for instance, one way to find out if you’re right is to ask her. Direct perception checking involves three elements:

1) Acknowledging the behavior you witnessed
2) Interpreting that behavior
3) Asking whether your interpretation was correct

Here’s an example of how you might directly check your perception that Min is angry with Dmitri:
“I heard you talking to…

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