Weather goes Up and Down

Weather goes up and down:


Check how the weather has change in your state:

I was a doubter that humans could change the world’s climate. My thoughts were, yes in a lab carbon gases can affect a manmade ozone, but not out in the real world. I debunked myself, using Google, when I found this video:

I knew that humans have affected the atmosphere of a city or even a large localized arias, as in the north eastern United States.

“Atmospheric measurements taken by the scientists some 24 hours after many power plants had essentially shut down found a 90 percent reduction in sulfur dioxide, a gas that leads to haze and acid rain, and a 50 percent reduction in smog, or ground-level ozone. The Maryland scientists also found that the amount of light scattering particles in the air dropped by 70 percent and visibility increased by some 20 miles.”

My thoughts are that if the years of air pollution caused by the Cole Power Plants can be cleaned up that fast, it’s not as bad as Obama claims. I am all for alternative power, but we can’t afford it right now. Look at our history and you can see how Cole Power has helped the U.S. Economy. Don’t let Obama pull us down any lower than he already has.


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