Random comments—

I have seen clips of the prosecution’s case against George Zimmerman, and now I believe that he was out of line by taking action against Trayvon Martin. After I saw the clip of Trayvon’s girlfriend using a racial slur against Zimmerman, my first thought was, ‘He’s not even white.’

I am half Irish, a quarter Scottish, and Germen, you can’t get whiter than that, but no one has ever used that slur against me, as far as I know. I grew up less than a mile from Philadelphia, to let you know how diverse my childhood was. As a white man, I took offence from what she said—not really.

As I understand it, George Zimmerman was a night watchman, who job was to watch and report to the proper authorities. The prosecution’s case is that he shouldn’t have had contact with Trayvon.

The clip I saw that his girlfriend said that Trayvon called her to tell her that he was scared, is unbelievable. I guess the prosecution has a report of a phone call, but what was said? My guess is that’s it’s more likely that Trayvon told her, “I can’t shake the night watchman—”

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Throughout my childhood until college no one has tried to degrade me, that I know of. A few years ago, I’ve had two African American housekeepers, and I overheard one of them say that my father was uncomfortable talking to her. The other one said that John never seemed uncomfortable around her. My thought was, Why would I—

I was thinking about why people get offended by prejudice slurs; I don’t let what people say bother me. As a child of twelve I was in a car accident and suffered a head trauma, so you can imagine how I was degraded in college, but I tried to ignore everyone. I hope you realize how hard it is, and how angry some can get, but why.

I was riding my bicycle one day up a hill on a narrow sidewalk, and a car drove by me. The man spit on me, he hit my cheek. I was focusing on keeping the bicycle on the narrow sidewalk and rode on. I can imagine that being called a racial slur when you are alone feels much like the loss I suffered that day.

Really I didn’t care that I was spit on at the time, but the feeling of not being able to do anything about being spit on or degraded is the loss I would think someone suffers from random prejudice comments.

Yeah, I would like to see a young bald white man say random prejudice comments when passing a group of African American men, when he’s alone.

Some old lady who I never heard of from the food network, has been fired for such comments. I don’t believe she meant to be hurtful, but I hope this blog helps you understand how random comments can be damaging to some people.