Yoga in Schools?

The question: is yoga a religion. I took a class in college for the extra credits, Hatha Yoga, and it didn’t make me think of religion. Years later I was going to a LA Fitness, to workout, swim, and I took Yoga classes to stretch my tight body. If you know me, you know how tight my body can get.

My first thought of the question was no, yoga is stretching with focus, simply put. Over the years, I’ve learned that focusing on a task helps get it done. Go ahead laugh, and see how much you can get done without focusing. If you’re still reading, guess what, you’re focused.

The seven yoga’s of Tibetan Yoga are religion. Yes Buddhism, but I’m sure you’re asking, what seven yoga’s.  Exactly, if you don’t know than you aren’t practicing to be a Buddhist when you do yoga. Meditation is in all parts of life, is it? What do you think you are doing when you are focused on a difficult math equation?  

At LA Fitness, I told the yoga instructor that I’ve had done yoga in the past. She told me that Hatha yoga is much like the yoga they do at every LA Fitness, which is called gym yoga. Gym Yoga would be good for children to learn for the first five minutes of gym class. I remember gym class where everyone would line up two arms lengths from each other and stretch for five minutes.  

Yoga isn’t new to schools, it’s how we think of it that has changed. What I think the people who are promoting yoga in schools is to start the day with yoga. I just see how the practice of a daily routine of stretching and the focusing of their minds will help the student’s day. If meditation makes you think of religion than I’m sorry for your confusion.

I believe Gym Yoga with a strict curriculum should be used in schools as a choice to do before home room and at lunch, but who’s going to pay for that? At the yoga classes I’ve had at LA Fitness the instructor has focused the classes with their own views. One instructor focused on the forms that were changing too fast for me. Another instructor focused on the breathing and holding the forms too long for me. Not a big difference when I work at my own pace.

If a school was to incorporate gym yoga into the day then I hope they take the practice of gym yoga from LA Fitness with an agreement that the instructors had to follow a strict curriculum.