Florida shooting?

I couldn’t find George Zimmerman guilty of Murdering Trayvon Martin, because there was too many things that could have happened. The prosecution’s job was to prove that one thing happened, and how they went about it was to prove that George Zimmerman had reason. Who cares about the reason? They needed to prove that the action was murder. I would have showed the jury how Zimmerman was capable and able to stop Trayvon Martin without murdering him.
I was taught in my Karate classes how to kill someone, but I was also taught how not to kill them. I couldn’t use the defense that was how I was taught, and I couldn’t stop. My Sensei made it a point to tell us our legal obligation to stop.
I’m not saying that Georg Zimmerman should have stopped pulling the trigger, but the prosecution should have done research on what other capabilities Zimmerman could have used. They are talking about a civil trial, but I doubt the Martins will want Trayvon’s dirty laundry streamed out to the public.