College Fun?


Three girls who had been friends since childhood, Amy, Kris, and Kim, are going to the same state college, and are trying to stay close.  Amy and Kris are roommates, but Kim is in a different freshman dormitory building and she’s having difficulties bonding with her roommate who doesn’t want to deal with the drama from Amy and Kris.

Amy, Kris, and Kim have had trouble in high school with their friendships, because of their relationships with boys, so they all agreed to focus on their schoolwork at college.  Kim’s roommate, Jill, thinks college is for chasing boys and having fun. Jill had a fake I.D. that she used to buy beer for the girls at the dorm, but she wanted to take Kim out with her one night bar hopping. Kim didn’t know how she was to get into the bars then she remembered giving Jill a photo.

Kim was hesitant, but Jill reassured her, “Kim, I know you wanted to have your first bar experience with Kris and Amy, but they are at the library and Scotty called, saying that your I.D. is ready, so let’s go out.”

Meanwhile Amy was studying while Kris was starting to flirt with some boys at the Library. Amy hears her giggling, looked up remembering how Kris used to flirt with the wrong boys in high school. She shrugged it off thinking at least she’s in the library flirting and gets back to studying.

I was never a girl in college, but I can dream of many stories that I could write from this premise. I would like to read some suggestions of action stories from this premise. If I start writing more I will talk about relationships that I don’t know of, and the story will become boring. I would like to write about, what college experiences you’ve had that you’d wish turned out different, with more action or a closer friendship.