By the mid twenty first century!


The year is 2058 and cameras are everywhere to make the people feel safe, but do they? Some people feel there freedoms have been taken away. There are minor protests against the all-knowing government, but by now, they are ignored by most. People feel generally safe, and it is once again safe to let your children play at a public park with one request, to be home by dark.

By the mid twenty first century, public space travel was a reality with a number of space stations and a massive domed city on the moon. The city dome on Mars is owned by the corporations that started the vacation domes. Mars is a great place to vacation to, but some people feel as if they’ve been imprisoned on Mars. Most of the workers feel lucky to be working on Mars, but most can’t afford the Space Jet ticket back to Earth.


                I was searching the network for something new and the top news these days has been the new community outside in the forest between the Mars domes and the City Dome. I read the report imagining what it’s like outside on Mars. I see a video with the article of the houses that are being built by the maglev tracks and it’s very green. Not the Mars I imagine, but to see the dusty red planet I could watch the reports of how the mini domes are working around the planet to grow the forests of vines.

I know my dad worked hard to get us a two-bedroom apartment in this mile wide dome, but he gave me no choice but to join him in this domed city that I can’t escape. When I hear the news of people complaining about losing their freedoms in the big cities on Earth, I say out-loud, they should live with me for a day, and see what it’s like to have no freedoms. My father said that he wanted to be a part of the Dome Project, because I would be kept safe with the help of the entire community.

Our last vacation was a virtual tour of the Egyptian Pyramids, not even a virtual vacation, just a tour. I agree with my dad that the virtual vacations that they would hook up to our brains is too dangerous. He works for the company that makes the helmets used for the vacations, and if he doesn’t trust them, I’m not using them. One of my few friends has a set of four that her family uses every weekend to visit Earth and far off stars.

Mr. Rollins

                I worked hard to get this position in the factories on Mars, after I lost my wife, because I don’t know how to raise a girl. I read that the city on Mars would be a closely nit community, but I should have read the fine print. This dome is filling up too fast, and after a year, I’ve noticed the number of communities has grown. I was lucky that Virtual Ware set me up with an apartment in the mall, because of my daughter. A number of my coworkers are single or with a wife, and they are staying in a one room apartment in the city below us.

                Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice city, at least where the stores are, but the catacomb of apartments is daunting. The men say it’s like a big college dorm down there, but their wives don’t like the idea of sharing the bathroom with their neighbor’s husbands. There are five rooms with up to ten people sharing the bathrooms that have three shower stalls, four toilet stalls, and two sinks. I couldn’t handle that with my daughter.

                Tom is fine with that, because they don’t have more than three people who work the same shift in each set of five rooms. That’s right we work around the clock here on Mars with three eight-hour shifts. The Mars clock at the Mall has more than twenty-four hours, but in the dome, we use a twenty-four hour clock.


I’ve been wanting to write anther “New Mars” book, but the first three haven’t sold very well. I think the main problem with them is that I tell too much. I try to tell the reader what I imagine Mars would be like, too much.

I’ve had a review of the third one being like a schoolbook. I over heard someone say the first book was the best. The sound book is about a family taking a vacation to mars, and it’s the shortest. I’m thinking of merging the first two, but I’ll have a hard time cutting out the unneeded parts from the fist book.

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