Hopes and Dreams

Eagles Cry

I watched the Eagles Game last night until they lost the ball within the last two minutes.  I was remembering a game where they scored two touchdowns in the last two minutes. I think McNabb was quarterbacking that game, and I was hoping for it to happen again. Last night I was dreaming about eagles flying with footballs in their talons. Really, I rarely remember my dreams.

This morning I was walking the dog around the neighborhood remembering a dream I had long ago, and I thought about what it meant. In the dream, I was following a crowd of people who were walking off a cliff without another thought, just taking their last steps. It was my turn, I was looking for the stairs down the side of the cliff, and one appeared. The step was more like a landing made of asphalt, glassy freshly pored asphalt.

I took my last step without even knowing it. I stepped out to the landing ad started to sink. It tickled; it must have, because I started laughing. Sinking to my death in quicksand like asphalt and I was enjoying it. That was a good dream and a funny story, I thought. If you are a dream reader, you may be able to tell me a lot about how I live my life.

From this dream, you may see that I want to fallow the crowd, but I have difficulty following others blindly. I’ll go with the flow, but I need a reason to take that last step. The reason I took that step in the dream was, because of the shiny new asphalt that caught my eye. I went, but it was my way, and I must have liked going my way, because I was laughing.

Don’t read too much in to it, the dream tells me not to fallow the crowd from the start. I would have avoided the sinking feeling of doom, if I didn’t fallow the crowd, but I was laughing at the end of the dream.

Writing about your dreams could help you understand them, and writing about your self could help you write good stories.