I don’t like Obama’s agenda!

I don’t like Obama’s agenda to spread the wealth, because I feel, people prosper more by earning their own way. Obama Care is another way to spread the wealth and cause more U.S. residents to become more dependent. I don’t like how dependent I am on others, and Obama’s agenda is making it harder for the average person to be independent.  

I’m not the average person who I’m talking about, but I prosper when I find ways to become more independent. Obama Care affects me by raising my taxes, and taking money that I’d rather spend ells where. People who say they can’t afford healthcare, but go out for drinks every night after work, make me sick, pun intended.

How I found Obama Care works is that the Fed will raise the taxes for everyone, but if you don’t earn too much, you can be reimbursed with a bigger tax refund, if you file your taxes correctly. If you earn too much, you won’t be reimbursed, and will need to find ways to pay the higher tax.

“Spreading the Wealth is Wrong….”

The wealthy of America own businesses, services, department stores, even corner markets. How do you think they will afford the higher taxes? I have a guess, but just a guess, the prices of services and products will go up, and businesses won’t be hiring, no instead, they will be firing.

The average person will suffer…. I’m glad I’m not average. Please share your story with everyone, if you are an average person.   


                I wouldn’t mind a Federal healthcare that’s less expensive with the basic cares that the young American needs, to compete with the health insurance companies. A Federal healthcare that’s less expensive, and includes the higher care that’s in the expensive healthcare planes will bankrupted the health insurance companies. That’s un-American….

Help the Republican Party do away with Obama Care.