Earth is to become an occupied planet.

Hello people of the planet Earth, I was given a message to share with you all. I wasn’t sure how to start the statement, but the first thing you need to know is not to panic. I am serious about that. Panicking will not be good for anyone.

Most of us thought we were alone in the galaxy, as did I until the Micallic’s craft arrived ten years ago. I have to repeat, not to panic. There are a number of space traveling vessels gathered at the edge of our solar system.

The beings on the Space Ships, have sent us all a message. The message was much longer, but the key point is that panicking will get you hurt. These true aliens to Earth have claimed an ownership of our planet.

First they wanted us to know that they are capable of killing all life on Earth, but they don’t want to have to do that. Within a month Earth will be surrounded with twelve war crafts that could destroy us in a day, but they won’t if we comply.

Excuse me, but I am quite serious. As you can see on your monitors is playing a time laps video of the armada at the boarders of the solar system. You will see that they aren’t all crafts of war. They have enormous carriers that the war crafts are escorting to Earth.

We are told that the carriers have habitats for life forms who aim to live on and grow on Earth. The first carrier is to land at an isolated location, a desert we believe. As the Micallic space craft landed in the Arizona Desert.

All of the Micallics claim to have no knowledge that an armada from their Planets was on its way to Earth. Each species of Micallic was blaming another, but they have concluded that the armada is led by a team of Bio-Micallic Soldiers.

When we asked the Animusles for help they shook their heads saying that the Bio-Workers they made to help out here on Earth stand no chance against a Bio-Soldier. The Bio-Soldiers, I was told about are not to be confronted. They are here to see that the transition moves smoothly.

You may ask what transition, well how I understand it.
Earth is to become an occupied planet.