Vampire Stories are Boring?

Aren’t you tired of reading the same old Vampire story? Or is that just the genre? Most Vampire stories have the drama of living forever, but losing the once you love. If you love them, you can’t turn them into a monster like yourself.

In all of the stories Vampires have super human powers with drama of how they use that power. Most stories have the conflict between Vampires who are evil and the characters who are portrayed to be good.

As I write this I’m asking myself, “What makes a good story?”

I’ll tell you hum, inner conflict or outer conflict? The main character has conflictive feelings with themselves or main characters are having conflicts with one another. The good and bad with in— or is it the good people verses the bad monsters.

A Vampire story usually has one or the other, but they are too predictable. That’s it…I don’t like predictable stories when you can guess at what happens next and you think, That wasn’t even worth reading.

It’s funny when it happens with TV shows, but it’s not as bad, because they have a number of story lines going on in one show. That’s okay with TV, because they actually tell you what’s going on sometimes and it moves faster.

When you read about one character and then another character with a different perception, it may be difficult to fallow. How the main characters perceive the world they’re in is important. How should a Vampire perceive the world today?

Would a Vampire want to live in the United States, this isn’t a bust on the U.S. If I were a vampire I would want to live in the Middle East where I could keep women and children in my home to feed off of. The U.S. has all those laws against holding people against their will, and there are too many Boys in Blue who will hunt me down just for trying to stay alive.

Who’s the evil ones in that story? It’s about perception. If you are the one trying to stay alive, who would you kill, or steel from, or would you die slowly in a hole?

Oh yeah, Vampires don’t die. If you couldn’t die what would you do? My parents were divers, and well it looks like I can’t or won’t have the chance to learn to dive in the deep sea. If I couldn’t die I would walk across the seas. I mean at the bottom of the seas.

Imagine that…. Vampires aren’t boring!