Moon Watching?

It was a dark windy night with a few clouds blowing in the sky. The Moon was full and my two sons wanted to go out to the corner park and do some Moon watching. I told them, not too late, and figured the chill in the air would chase them home before long.

They wore light jackets with binoculars around their necks, before they left I told them to stay safe. After the news I got up to look outside to see gusts of wind blowing the leaves off the trees. The clouds were filling the night sky, and the moon was no ware to be seen.

I sat watching the nightly shows hoping my boys don’t get too wet, because they aren’t staying home alone if they get sick. Imagining what my boss would say if I had to stay home, I shook my head and watched the show.


The wind was picking up, Bill was imagining he was flying in place as I looked up through the clouds to find the Moon. I call to him. “The clouds are opening. There it is.”

Bill quickly grabbed his binoculars and looked up. “I can see him. The man on the Moon is smiling down at us.”

Then I hear him scream, I put down the binoculars and start saying. “Stop screaming, boy.” Then everything goes black.

I woke in a dark room with no windows, just a blackness filling the room and my hart as I feel around for my brother. I call for Bill hoping he was tied in the other corner, but I was the only one in the room. My foot was cuffed to something I couldn’t escape.

I was fearing the worst when the door swung opened and a man in a bunny mask threw Bill in. He fell to the floor with his hands in cuffs and I couldn’t reach him. Before closing the door the man said. “Keep your hands to your selves.”

Bill was crying, I was confused, and wanted answers that I hoped Bill had. “Bill, what’s going on? Where are we? Who’s that man?” He laid on the dirty floor crying.


Ten years have passed since that dreadful night. It’s Billy’s birthday, he would be twenty today. I am remembering that night vividly, the arrogant Dick asking why they were out that night. That smug look he got after I told him they were Moon watching was drilled into my memory.

They had reported them as runaways, because John was twelve and Bill was ten, the detectives where convinced, John took Bill on a Gang Initiation. I still see them when I see two young boys laughing together. I haven’t given up, I think the detectives have been reading me the same report for years.

My boys were kidnapped and I want to know what happened….


This happens too often in the world today, and well I can’t finish writing fictional stories like this one. I hope it touched you and you reach out to your loved one’s today.