I was always hoping to become a star!

I wanted to be a stuntman until I was too careless and rode my bicyclical into a car. Now I write my dreams and last weekend I had a good one….

I was chosen to be a co-star in one of those teenybopper sitcoms. I already had the young face needed at the age 3? I still looked like a sixteen year old 8(( In this case it was good.

I was to play a character who had the same disabilities as I do. Like me, the character had no friends in school, because of a speech impairment. Unlike me his speech improved.


The first seen he’s in; Jody, Tom’s girlfriend noticed him smiling at John as he was at his locker dropping his books and papers.

Jody cringes at Tom, ad said. “Tom don’t laugh at him.”

Tom let out a giggle, and said. “Oh, I’m not. I’m laughing at something he mumbled the other day.”

Jody looked confused, and said. “You can understand his mumbling?”

Looking to Jody, Tom said. “Yeah, he’s mumbling clearer than he talks these days.”


Tom’s grin widens, and he said. “You know how we’re in the same math class, well. He also sees a privet trainer in that room next to the gym at the same time as my gym class. He’s usually out of the locker room before my class ends, but one time he was still in the shower.”

Tom almost laughed again, but he collected himself after seeing Jill, one of Jody’s friends showed up. He continued. “Bill, you know Big Bill. He was showering by him and Bill said to him. Man are you getting a boner. John looked up to him and said. No Boy, it’s still soft, see.”

Tom started laughing out loud, but he continued. “He shook it and, wait here’s the funny part after Bill backed away John said. You better get out of here before it gets hard you both won’t fit in the room. Bill left saying something, but John mumbled. Just back away boy I don’t swing that way.”

Tom starts laughing, but he thought the two girls were looking confused, and said. “It was funny, because he was just swinging himself to prove he wasn’t getting a boner. He was getting stiff, because well.”

The two girls were making Tom uncomfortable, and he said, “Wait, I wasn’t staring I turned, right away. But it takes some man to call Bill gay.”

Jill was getting interested, and said. “Wait, you’re talking about John over there, and Bill thought he was getting hard, but why did he think that?”

“Because he noticed how big John is down there.”

Jill’s eyebrows went up, and she said. “So ah, John’s big where it counts?”

Tom pulled back, and said. “Well it doesn’t matter to me, but yeah.”


 Throughout the first season Jill shows interest in John, and the four of them start hanging out, but what’s the main plot? Sitcoms need a main plot and each episode needs a subplot. The main plot can be something like how these friends research what they think is a hunting at the school.

The backstory could be that the principle is a self-claimed inventor, but hasn’t invented anything big. The school has a basement that is off limits to the students and the faculty, but then strange people are seen at the school.

In the students investigation they find that the principle is be hide it all.

Then I think wasn’t there a show like this called, Blackholsy High or something. I wasn’t in it, but I was laughing after that day-dream I had.