Black Friday is when stuff goes on sale?

I meant to post this last week…oh well.

Black Friday started with Brown Thursday, so you ask is Black Friday still black. If you have to ask that, then you don’t know the meaning of Black Friday.

After Black Friday the Holliday shopping season has begun, and the stores are in the Black. No they didn’t lose power.

For a store, being in the black means they have earned enough money to pay for the merchandise they expected to sell over the year. Meaning that they can pay their employees without fear of not paying their power bill?

The fact that stores are starting their sales on Thanksgiving maybe upsetting for some people. It’s a consumer world these days and I believe in capitalism, so I’m okay with stores starting the sales early.

If you miss out on family time, because you feel the need to shop, don’t blame the stores. You should ask yourself what you need to do every day.

I believe, need, is overused too much these days. If you ask yourself what is really needed, and you answer, honestly. You’ll find that you don’t need more stuff.

Black Friday is when stuff goes on sale, but just because it’s 50% off do you really need it. If you accept that you really don’t need so much stuff, your life will become much less stressful. “Trust me.”

It’s Black Friday and you want more stuff and its cheaper today, so you justify spending more money today because it’s on sale. “Don’t full yourself into spending more money.”

Black Friday is the day my mother taught me was the day you stay home to put up holiday decorations. A week ago I noticed a few neighbors had their trees lit. One was in a window the other was a big evergreen in the yard.

I wouldn’t put up any decorations before Thanksgiving, but it’s the day after. Putting lights in every window feels welcoming. If you don’t understand, a candle in your window tells the traveler/soldier that they are welcome to stop in for a worm drink by the fire place.

Keep my words in mind while you shop for what you think you need this season.