Happy New Year?

A new year again?

Yes it comes every twelve months, but this year will be different.

Why would you want it to be different?

To make my life easier.

Life is hard; you should be getting used to it, by now.

This year I’m going to find someone to love.

And I thought, you wanted to make your life easier?

You’re right, I want this year to be better with the one I love.

You have to find her first.

Oh yeah, well I need to get out more and see the world.

That sounds like a little much.

Not actually see the world, but I need to get out and find someone new.

That would be great, but isn’t it too cold here to go out?

I won’t let the weather hold me back….

It would be easier if you lived in L.A. where the weather is in the mid-seventies almost year around.

Then I would want to go out every day, but in the North East it’s too cold, so I’ll wait for spring.

Weather is like the future; you try to avoid it, you try to prepare for it, but when it strikes you need to bear down and live with it.

It’s a new year, so let’s not just hope, but make it a better year.