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We make pro-robots that help you with the house work; a mother’s dream. You can have your pro-robot vacuuming your wall to wall carpeting while you are out shopping. Your pro-robot has floor scrubbers that scrub the kitchen floor. The pro-robot sprays your bathroom floor with scrubbing bubbles to loosen the grime in-between the tiles before it scrubs your bathroom floor. That’s right your pro-robot is not just a broombot with a mop, it automatically changes its settings; it will not get caught on your rugs when it vacuums the hard wood floors.

Pro Robotics is making the next evolution of robots for your home. Fathers, you can let your backs rest this fall we have a pro-robot with a leaf blower. The leaf blower is strong enough to blow snow off your driveways too. The pro-robot auto changes the force it blows the leaves, so they don’t blow on to your neighbor’s yard. Yes believe it, your pro-robot has eyes called radar that detects how much snow it has blown and where it has blown the leaves or snow.

The future of robotics is here in your home, with a sensor on your wrist the house could open doors, turn on lights, and best of all turn them off for you. If you’re thinking of those Sci-Fi Smart Homes you’ve seen in the movies that talk to you? They aren’t so sci-fi anymore with our audio response systems. Our research and development is working on the emotion chip right now. Don’t roll your eyes like that.

One of the geniuses we have working for us had an idea that he couldn’t believe hasn’t been developed. At last month’s meeting about new ideas he said it like this:

“I’ve had an idea of using an information data base with a search engine that searches for information based on a list of conditions. The conditions will be first categorized by importance as in state laws and federal laws. The federal laws are all overpowering to the state laws, but the state laws will form how the emotions chip would feel about the federal laws.”

After that statement, John got some strange looks.

“Okay now, everyone has to fallow the laws, but just believers have to fallow the church. What I’m thinking is to have the search engine search the database with moral values, but who says what’s moral? We can use laws and beliefs to have the search engine search for a response to any question. That way we can ask an emotions chip with the settings of the U.S. laws and the beliefs of a scientist, and then ask the same question of an emotions chip with beliefs of the Catholic Church, and we’d get a different answer”

That just blew my mind. John was asked about the AI system and he almost spit. He doesn’t like the term, Artificial Intelligence, and he had to explain how intelligence was just information. He said that the emotions chip was as smart as the information it had to work with.


How smart is your emotions chip? Just had to ask…. I have been thinking of writing a story on this premise for years.


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  1. The emotions chip was as intelligent as the information it had to work with, but it’s smarts are judged by how it used the information. How would you judge your smarts?

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