Writing a suspenseful story?

 I was in the shower the other day hoping I’d be out before the cleaning lady got there, and I was thinking of the fear of the unknown. Is she going to be early today and walk in on me? “That did happen once.” I told myself not to worry she won’t be here before eleven.


Stacy was taking a shower with no fear of what was happening outside of the bathroom. In the past she feared taking a shower, because with the water running she couldn’t hear anything ells. She saw a doctor who told her that fear of the unknown was like being scared of the dark.

“Why are some people scared of the dark?” He asked.

She gave the obvious answer, “Because they can’t see what’s there.”

“Why would there be anything more than what is there with the lights on?” He asked with a smile.

She thought for a moment, and said, “I guess nothing more if you’re at home, but I wouldn’t go down a dark ally.”

She accepted that it was safe to take a shower at home in her one bedroom apartment and was happily cleaning herself. She turned the water off to put shampoo in her hair and as she was rubbing her scalp, she heard a bump, but figured it was just the people upstairs.

After rinsing off she pulled the shower curtain opened and reaches for the towel that went to her face. She dried her face and then looked around the small bathroom, she went stiff, the towel drops to the floor, her hands go to her chest, and she let out a yelp, thinking, I shut that door.

She stared at the agar door for a moment, and jumped out of the tub to slam it shut. Leaning on the door making sure it’s shut as she locked it, backed away, looked around the room, and to the small closet, thinking, don’t be paranoid girl.

She finished drying off and turned to the locked door listening for any sound. She heard a shuffle, is that behind me?

Stacy took the early shower to be ready for the neighbor’s son, who she agreed to watch while his mother went out on a date.

The boy who was wearing, or should I say holding an oversized mask in front of his face that he brought to show her, and yelled, “Bogey, bogey, boo.”

Stacy screamed and everything went black after hitting her head on the sink of the small bathroom.