Dolls are boring?

Dolls are for girls….

John was feeling uneasy at school, and said to Scott. “You know that girl who carries that ugly doll.”

Scott was confused, why did John expect him to know what girl, and ask him to be more specific. “What girl? Which one? I know a lot of girls with ugly dolls.”

John gets more general by saying. “Oh, you know that little girl with that old doll.”

Scott almost rolls his eyes, but said. “You aren’t emptying the pool of girls with dolls.”

John was struggling to clear the field of girls with dolls, but said “You know the one with brown hair.”

Scott cringed his brow, and asks. “Which one has brown hair the girl or the doll?”

John had to think for a second before answering. “Oh, I think they both do…or ah the doll has black hair.”

Scott almost laughs, and said. “That drains the pool halfway, but who are you talking about.”

John looked to the sky, and said. “Owe, you know the little girl who has the doll with her all the time.”

Scott started to shake his head, and said. “Not in class?”

John was nodding his, and said. “Yes she holds it in the backpack she always has with her.”

Scott’s eyes lit up, and he said. “Oh Becky, I think she was talking to her backpack until the teacher said, “All cell phones off during class.”

John was relieved that Scott finely understood who he was talking about, and said. “Yeah that’s her, she’s on my bus, and she takes the doll out of her bag and sits it next to her, because she has no friends to sit with.”

Scott looked to the ground, and said. “That sucks….”

John was not expecting that response, and said. “What? No she used to talk with the doll on the bus…until the two other girls started making fun of her.”

Scott was trying to understand what John was saying about Becky, and asked. “Oh…, did the girls want to talk with Becky?”

John was confused why Scot would ask such a question, and said. “What…no they started teasing her, because she has no friends…just the doll to talk to.”

Scott was becoming upset for Becky, and said. “Oh, now I feel bad for her, but at least she has the doll.”

John almost laughed, but said. “You’re funny! But wait, you know the mean girls who were teasing her, well they don’t even look at her now.”

Scott felt sorry for Becky, and said. “Owe that’s bad, so they are shunning her now?”

John was confused by Scot’s concern, and said. “What are you talking about? The mean girls are scared of her now, but no it’s not her they are scared of.”

Scott was relieved for a second, and said. “That’s good…why would anyone be afraid of a little girl?”

This time John couldn’t help but to laugh, and said. “Funny…but no they are scared of the ugly old doll.”


“Because of how it looked at them.”

Scott was confused again, and asked. “Doesn’t the doll look at everyone the same way?”

John thought he should explain. “No, I saw its eye’s change twice and after the second time I asked Becky how. I mean, the first time it scared me for a second, but the next time I saw it I was sitting across from her, so I asked, “How’d you do that?”

Becky told me that a girl who lives down the street from her had two of the mean girls over and they saw her playing with one of her other dolls in the neighborhood park.”

“Oh, so she has other dolls to play with.”

“Wait! Wait! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from laughing, but when the three girls saw her the two mean girls had to say something mean as they were walking by her. She told me that the doll she was playing with didn’t like what they said to her…. I just nodded my head…looked at her doll…and looked away”

Scott still had questions, “So how does the doll change its expression?”

John replied, “I don’t look at it anymore.”

Scott looked at John with sorrow, and said. “Poor girl….”

“What? Wait, I think Becky’s dolls are possessed!”

Scott looked at John with curiosity, and said. “Oh, now I understand why those girls are scared of Becky. She got her dolls from her grandmother. My Mom keeps me away from those people, but I overheard her talking about an old convent of witches. She was saying soothing about Witches of the Old Order, and I think they were from that side of town.”

John’s eyes widened, and he said. “I’m from that side of town.”

“Yeah, that’s why my mom doesn’t like us being friends.


I have updated this story to make it easier to read…I hope. I am planing to add 2k words to the story about witches and other nonsense. Let me know if you think I should just stop writing and go bake to school….

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