There has been a lot going on in the world today?

There has been a lot going on in the world today and I would like to say something, but how? Will I be heard if I post a random comment on my blog or Facebook? I doubt it, so please repost my comments on your blog or Facebook pages.

There’s trouble in a city in the U.S.A. because an officer was doing his job.

The officer was on a sick call, he was accompanying an ambulance to a house, and was informed of a robbery in the aria. He saw a boy of 6 feet+ that fit the description, so he stopped him to question him. The 250+ pound boy didn’t want to stop, so there was a skirmish and the officer was hurt.

How I see it is that the officer pulled out his gun with fear for his life and started shooting towards the boy, even though he was having trouble seeing.  The fact that the boy broke the officer’s face that distorted his sight, so even if the boy had his hands up all the officer saw was a bear of a man coming for him.

Ask yourself if a man the size of this boy was coming at you and you had a gun, would you question using it….


The conflict in the Middle East should have never gotten this bad. Obama is at fault for not taking proper action two years ago. That’s all I’m going to say about that, because I don’t want to upset my stomach…. Obama is not doing his job!


Binary options are the way to lose money, but if you are thinking of doing it, now is the time. Don’t read a book and think you know…there’s not much to know…. If you are set on getting rich, be careful not to risk too much money. How to, is simple, everything is online, even a site that tells you to buy or sell, up or down in binary terms.

Be safe and don’t risk more than you “want” to lose.