Vote for change!

Not Me: Why are the votes fixed in the US.

Me: That’s loser talk….

Not Me: But then why are their super delegates?

Me: The super delegates job is to prevent a candidate to be elected who is too left or right winged. And to prevent a criminal or a business man who is just looking out for his own interests to have a chance to become President.

Not Me: It doesn’t look like the super delegates did their jobs.

Me: Well, at least Trumps is looking out for the people, because when he’s elected he’s looking at a big pay cut….

Not Me: I know, the white house will be a big downgrade from the houses he’s used to.

Me: I don’t know that it would be a big downgrade, but yes he has lived in nice houses.

Not Me: So I guess, you’re voting for Trump.

Me: I’m not happy how the Democrat’s agenda has worked out over the last eight years so I’m voting for change and the Republican way.

Not Me: But I don’t know that Trump can do the job.

Me: He has more experience managing big groups of workers than Obama did when he was elected.

Not Me: But he filed for bankruptcy.

Me: He’s had more successful businesses than Clinton, who has failed us in more ways than I can list.