I didn’t mean to do it???

Oh I hate him, I wish I could talk to him, I’m hopeless. What could I do to make him see me for who I am, do I want him to see a week little girl with a crush? He always passes me in class, to his seat at the back of the room. He’s not one of the bad kids, but he stays hidden, and tries not to be noticed in class.

He’s quiet, but not shy with his friends. I wish I was one of his friends. My mom used to say that I needed to be more out going to make friends. I don’t know how outgoing she was, other than with her Covent. I would ask her if I could go with her and her friends, but she always said, “Focus on your study’s dear, and after you find your focus you may join us.”

Every full moon she would party with the Covent, but I never could join them, because my mother never thought I had enough focus. I guessed that she meant I had to graduate school first, but now she’s gone, and she was my only friend. I go to the attic to look threw her boxes of books and Halloween stuff.

When she was alive it was like Halloween all year, but we didn’t have candy, she would make funny looking meals from time to time. Maybe one of the books is a cook book, and I could make something the boy would like.

Oh I haven’t been up here for a while. There’s dust everywhere, oh there are her boxes, let’s see.  Spells, spells, spells, oh what’s this? Love Spells, well maybe there’s something like directions on making a pie for someone you love.

What’s this, directions to make a doll, no that can’t be right? Love Doll, use to control your love. Maybe I can learn to control my love, so I stop loving what I can’t have…no this says it’s used to control the person who you love. Will this work? Well, what do I need?

The next day the girl had a small doll in her bag that she made from what she found in the attic and a few things she has collected over the years of the boy she loves to hate. She walked nervously for her locker, and had a thought that she might leave the doll in the locker.

She saw the boy was down the hall, with doll in hand she walked up behind him and said under her breath the incantation to spell the doll for the boy.

She took a step back, and said, “Hi John.”

John made a quick 180 to face her, and said, “Oh, Amy I was wondering who was sneaking up behind me.”

Amy stood with a grin.

He snarled at her and said, “Keep your distance.” And terns back to his friends.

Amy’s eyes widened, she looked at the doll, turned away, squeezed its head and heard a thud behind her.

The boy was on the ground with his hands grasping at his head. The girl dropped the doll and the boy cried out.