Space Travel?

Traveling to other solar systems via. Fictional stories. The Star Trek way, by warping space around the shuttle, is too un-real when you think about it too much. Light speed travel is too slow to travel to another solar system. The human body wouldn’t be able to handle the time dilations on a shuttle moving at light speed. If we were in frozen stasis pods, we’d have freezer burn and wouldn’t survive.

Travel within our solar system is too slow today, but via. Fictional stories it is believable. In my first New Mars book I introduced light speed travel. We can get to Mars in four seconds, right? No we first need to reach light speed, it takes an hour to gain such speeds, but it takes just a minute to cercal the sun at the speed of light, and then an hour to slow down to Mars. The passengers would be drugged, so they could handle such speeds.

You’re asking why go around the sun…well if you want to move at the speed of light you need to go further. Once in motion, with zero gravity and zero atmosphere, let’s just say it’s hard to stop. The slow boat to Mars takes two weeks, in The New Mars that takes place after the mid-21st century. Today it takes seven months, but when we have space crafts that can get us to Mars in two week we will have month long Space Cruses to Mars and back.

In real life it looks like we won’t have to wait too long for two day Space Cruses around Earth. Vacation at Zero Gravity will make you feel up lifted literally, and take some weight off your, feet, back, and shoulders. On Mars there is a retirement community in my books, because there’s a third Earth gravity on Mars and it’s a great place to retire too.

Traveling to another solar system we would use a light speed craft that would reach five times the speed of light, but it would still take us over twenty years to travel to a solar system with a planet like Earth. We would have one hundred toddlers who would be in pods full of enriched puss to nourish their growing bodies. Audio education files would be playing the entire trip to ensure the children of New Earth are well educated.

The Light Speed Space Ship would cercal the planet as it slows down and the now fully grown children will be waking up and getting to know each other. The story starts before the takeoff with the profiteers funding the project, the scientist amazed by the exploration, and the pessimists talking about it being the way to save humanity, after we’ve ruined Home Earth.

I’m thinking of the Christmas Carol theme, not religious but, with the four points of Humanity.

By the mid twenty first century!


The year is 2058 and cameras are everywhere to make the people feel safe, but do they? Some people feel there freedoms have been taken away. There are minor protests against the all-knowing government, but by now, they are ignored by most. People feel generally safe, and it is once again safe to let your children play at a public park with one request, to be home by dark.

By the mid twenty first century, public space travel was a reality with a number of space stations and a massive domed city on the moon. The city dome on Mars is owned by the corporations that started the vacation domes. Mars is a great place to vacation to, but some people feel as if they’ve been imprisoned on Mars. Most of the workers feel lucky to be working on Mars, but most can’t afford the Space Jet ticket back to Earth.


                I was searching the network for something new and the top news these days has been the new community outside in the forest between the Mars domes and the City Dome. I read the report imagining what it’s like outside on Mars. I see a video with the article of the houses that are being built by the maglev tracks and it’s very green. Not the Mars I imagine, but to see the dusty red planet I could watch the reports of how the mini domes are working around the planet to grow the forests of vines.

I know my dad worked hard to get us a two-bedroom apartment in this mile wide dome, but he gave me no choice but to join him in this domed city that I can’t escape. When I hear the news of people complaining about losing their freedoms in the big cities on Earth, I say out-loud, they should live with me for a day, and see what it’s like to have no freedoms. My father said that he wanted to be a part of the Dome Project, because I would be kept safe with the help of the entire community.

Our last vacation was a virtual tour of the Egyptian Pyramids, not even a virtual vacation, just a tour. I agree with my dad that the virtual vacations that they would hook up to our brains is too dangerous. He works for the company that makes the helmets used for the vacations, and if he doesn’t trust them, I’m not using them. One of my few friends has a set of four that her family uses every weekend to visit Earth and far off stars.

Mr. Rollins

                I worked hard to get this position in the factories on Mars, after I lost my wife, because I don’t know how to raise a girl. I read that the city on Mars would be a closely nit community, but I should have read the fine print. This dome is filling up too fast, and after a year, I’ve noticed the number of communities has grown. I was lucky that Virtual Ware set me up with an apartment in the mall, because of my daughter. A number of my coworkers are single or with a wife, and they are staying in a one room apartment in the city below us.

                Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice city, at least where the stores are, but the catacomb of apartments is daunting. The men say it’s like a big college dorm down there, but their wives don’t like the idea of sharing the bathroom with their neighbor’s husbands. There are five rooms with up to ten people sharing the bathrooms that have three shower stalls, four toilet stalls, and two sinks. I couldn’t handle that with my daughter.

                Tom is fine with that, because they don’t have more than three people who work the same shift in each set of five rooms. That’s right we work around the clock here on Mars with three eight-hour shifts. The Mars clock at the Mall has more than twenty-four hours, but in the dome, we use a twenty-four hour clock.


I’ve been wanting to write anther “New Mars” book, but the first three haven’t sold very well. I think the main problem with them is that I tell too much. I try to tell the reader what I imagine Mars would be like, too much.

I’ve had a review of the third one being like a schoolbook. I over heard someone say the first book was the best. The sound book is about a family taking a vacation to mars, and it’s the shortest. I’m thinking of merging the first two, but I’ll have a hard time cutting out the unneeded parts from the fist book.

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Stop the Asteroid

Will NASA stop the asteroid that might hit Earth? No matter how unlikely it may be, in one year an asteroid might hit Earth. I hope NASA has a plan, to stop it, blow it up, or should they keep our doom a secret? Don’t worry there are too many eyes to the sky to keep it secret. NASA’s plan is to shoot rockets in to space to leash it and steer the asteroid away from Earth.

You may ask how would NASA put a leash on an asteroid. My idea is to drill and latch a carbon fiber rod to the asteroid. They would shoot five nuclear powered rockets to it, and when the rockets are close enough they would each shoot out three leashes.

The drills at the end of the leashes would be diamond tipped, but it may take time to drill the holes deep enough, so as the rockets are flying with it NASA will be excavating the asteroid. The rockets would have exploratory rovers inside them that would jump to it and explore the asteroid.

Once the leashes have drilled deep enough, and the rovers have gained good footing, the rockets would pull away and change the asteroids course. After it got closer to Earth, if NASA found carbon elements or other useful rocks they would shoot five more rockets to the asteroid. These rockets would have return rockets inside them to get the new elements back to Earth.

NASA would want years to explore the asteroid, so the five extra rockets would steer the asteroid into the Suns orbit near Earth. NASA would have a new place to explore with new elements that don’t exist in our solar system.

I could think of a number of story’s that could be written with this premise.

Prologue and more Students Papers of The Alien Pioneers

The Alien Pioneers


Earth encountered a large alien craft that landed in the middle of the Arizona Desert five years ago.  As this craft landed, it destroyed all life in its wake and created a mile-wide crater. It is said that on the spacecraft there are three levels with different habitats for three alien species.

Soon after this alien craft arrived, the United States government welcomed these aliens.  Today, the craft is still floating above the crater, and the crater has become a habitat for some of the aliens.

The three species come from three planets in the Micallic Solar System.  They told the U.S. government that their solar system had become too unstable for the planets to support life.

It has been said or hoped that they gave the government time to prepare for their arrival.  Except for the extra military presence before the ship arrived, the common American had no knowledge of the event.  It is hoped that the military cleared the area of all inhabitants, because there is no trace of earthly life to be found in the crater. The Micallics have more advanced technologies than humans have on Earth.

The three races of Micallics are all unkink in their own ways, yet much like Man.  The Animusles came from a cold habitat, and are short and pale in appearance.  The Lentusnues, are like humans in many ways, but they look like children.  The Pollexues are giant-like, with a thick tough skin, and expressive faces, were the most alien looking.

The Pollexues home environment is hot and humid, the opposite of the Animusles home planet, but the Micallics are all mammals, with a community structure.  The Lentusnues were the first to cohabitate with humanity, because they are the must humanlike with a planet much like Earth.

The Micallics seem friendly and want to join the workforce on Earth.  Soon after their arrival, the Micallics let it be known that they meant no harm and wanted to work with humans on developing an exchange of goods and services.  The Lentusnues started their own farms, growing plants from their own world.  After the FDA approved their foods, they introduced their food into the United States foods market.

The Pollexues have joined the United States labor force as well, and they love working hard.  The labor that they are fit for is heavy lifting because of their great strength and balance.  They too have started farming and selling their foods in the United States.  The Animusles have not joined the United States workforce, but they offer exciting advances in medicines and sciences.

The humans of the United States have tried their hardest to take advantage of the Lentusnues’ good will, the Pollexues’ strength, and the Animusles’ knowledge.  The workforces of the Lentusnues have grown fast, and they join with the United States citizens in most jobs that will welcome them.  The Pollexues seem to have fun working at the docks with humans and constructing tall sky scrapers, but the Animusles just share what they wish to share.

The three Micallic species do not all live in or under the massive vessel in Arizona.  After the Lentusnues started their farms, some of them integrated with the United States citizens into apartments and housing.  The Pollexues that made a home among humanity preferred to live in the wild swamps of Louisiana and the Everglades of Florida, but more than half of them stayed at the craft.

The Pollexues that moved with the work, soon integrated with the United States citizens.  The United States declared a part of a national park in Alaska as land for the Animusles.  The Animusles have built a massive domed city where most of them live, but for a few who live in their own tents just outside the Dome.

In a small town of Pennsylvania, a class of fifth graders is just finishing a viewing of the first broadcast of the arrangement with the Micallics.  The Lentusnues has built a compound nearby, and a local school is prepare the students.  The Micallics had previously kept to the more rural areas of the United States, but now they are well represented in big cities, and now they are coming to central Pennsylvania.

Rural Pennsylvania is large, and the Lentusnues are starting a farm in an unfertile area.  With the technology that the Micallics brought with them, they are able to grow their foods in the most unwelcoming environments.

The Micallics have brought higher technologies with them, but they do not act superior to humans.  They say that they want to be treated as equals.  Reporters have tried to get answers about why they don’t share all of their technologies with the humans.  The Micallics have stated that they know better than to share some technologies, but they do not elaborate.

Students Papers

Lentusnue Families
The Lentusnues family structure differs with each community. I have come to believe this is most likely why Lentusnue communities do not see eye to eye. In the Lentusnues farming communities, the children stop education before six Earth years and start working. I believe this is because most Lentusnue are fully grown by then.
The Lentusnues’ top height is 5’6”, but they are strong workers. I have learned that they have good stamina for farm work. Lentusnue in Las Vegas have shown that they can dance all day, but they do not stay out late. The Lentusnues that work behind a desk in an office have shown the same stamina.
After their workday, most Lentusnue go home and do activities with their families. Most Lentusnue work hard, but they also play hard together as a family. Some Lentusnue play all day in Las Vegas and other party cities that have welcomed them. These communities of Lentusnue are happy to be paid below minimum wages to be entertainers.
In Chicago, the Lentusnue community is very family oriented. They work at schools and daycare centers. The men of this community have also taken desk jobs. Even in Chicago, there are Lentusnue that entertain.
In the parks of Florida and California, the Lentusnues have been a hit. In these cities, the Lentusnue children have had no problem staying in school until eighteen Earth years of age.

Pollexue Family
The Pollexues have the longest life of the Micallic Aliens, so you would think that they would have the longest childhood. Pollexue grow fast and play hard as youths and as adults they play also or so it seems. I do not find the normal aspects of human childhood in the family structure of Pollexues.
The Pollexue family is much like a community of workers. The children are given jobs to learn and do when they are young, and they grow up to do these jobs. It does not seem that the Pollexues have a choice, but to do the job they are given. The structure of this workforce is much like the hierarchy of a kingdom. The laborers do as they are told, but are children laborers?
Families of Pollexues do not grow as fast as Lentusnues communities do. The young Pollexues grows fast, and are put to work by the time they are five years old. The Pollexue is still growing for up to five more years, but most are at least five feet by their fifth birthday. The young are running fast after their first birthday and it seems like they can run for miles.
From what I have read, the Pollexues that live in the South have a family structure more like Americans. It is hard to say the age of Pollexues because they grow quickly. They live in the swamp because of the humidity, which is good for their skin. The Pollexues that live in the desert have a pond under the craft to soak in and the craft has a suitable atmosphere.

Animusle Kindness
Animusles saved my hometown in Hiroshima, Japan. They were able to stabilize the excess radiation with a ray that has in it atoms that stabilize the radiation. The Animusles have shared these radiation-absorbing atoms with Japan and other nations that have had nuclear disasters.
Animusles have stopped the pollution in major cities by providing clean energy. This Blue Star Power is used to power the Space Jets that we are using to explore our Solar System. We would not have this capability if it wasn’t for the Animusles. Additionally, the Animusles have shared skills with the Lentusnues and Pollexue previously to being on Earth that they are using to offer us new foods.
The Lentusnues are using the skills that the Animusles have shared to replenish Earth’s soil for the growth of their foods. The Pollexues have used their technology to grow the fruit farm under the craft in the Arizona desert.
These farms are helping the United States export food at a cheaper price to struggling nations. I have heard that giving third world countries food actually can hurt their economy in non-emergency situations because no one buys the food the local people produce. One way the Animusles could help is to provide hardy plant varieties or technology to help these farmers.
The Animusles have helped the Earth to survive our mishaps. They have helped clean our oceans from oil spills caused by us. It seems that what takes us twenty years to clean just took the Animusles overnight. They restored our Earth, but they will not share their technology with us.

The Invading Micallics
The Micallic aliens are here to take over with the Animusles in charge. The Micallic aliens are acting as if they are our friends, but friends let their friends know where they came from. These Micallic aliens will not share information about their side of the galaxy with us. After we have welcomed them to our planet, they will not tell us about their home.
They say that they had to leave, but I have heard that not all Micallic aliens left. Where did the others go? Did they stay to die or go somewhere else? Is it that these Micallic aliens are running from stronger aliens? Are they waiting for reinforcements to get here before taking over?
What are these Micallic aliens waiting for? They do have Blue Star Power that they could use to create a powerful weapon. These Micallic aliens share this power sparingly with nations that need extra power reserves. The Animusles will not let us create what we need to defend our planet, but they do let us use this power to explore our solar system.
My father tells me, the Animusles are too smart for us to grasp their true intention. My mother says to hope for the best, but she too fears what the future will bring. I wish they never came to our blue planet.
Did these Micallic aliens give us a choice to refuse to let them stay? Are the Micallic aliens hiding their true intentions, what do they plan to do with us?

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Working with the Aliens

Carol Conquest
After five years of college, I have a public relations degree. Throughout college I focused on building a career that I could live with myself doing. After two years at my second choice school, I was admitted to the Ivy League University that I wanted to start at. The University did not accept all of my classes, so I needed an extra semester that I turned into a full year.
I took the classes needed and some other business and marketing classes, so I could excel in any job I was lucky enough to have. After that fifth year of college, I hunted for work and found a number of jobs I was over qualified for, yet I started at a position that I was under paid and underappreciated for.
After a spacecraft landed in the Arizona Desert not far from where I lived, I was intrigued and frightened. I was looking into what these aliens were about, and they caught my interest. What surprised me was how the U.S. Government welcomed them. I heard that the U.S. Government was aware of the spacecraft before its arrival, but there are many Contradictory stories that fog the truth.
From the actions of the U.S. Government, I do believe that the U.S. Government had prior arrangements with these aliens. After a few years passed, most of the hysteria had settled, and the aliens were working with us humans. They were welcoming human workers to help them negotiate with the businesses of the United States. The Aliens did not share their higher technologies with us, but they were trying to be accepted by growing food and feeding us.
I have heard the saying “The path to the heart is through the stomach.” These Aliens took it literally and started farming. I applied for a job with the biggest, strongest, most powerful aliens to gain the best position I could. My 20/20 eye site does cause me to prejudge, as it does for most humans. I got a job that was challenging and rewarding to me, but the most challenging part of this job has yet alluded me.

Rachel Marshal
I was as surprised by the spacecraft as anyone. My husband, Josh, was as he always is and says he knew something was going on in Arizona.
I had to laugh. I am sure he guessed an alien spacecraft was landing. He thinks the government knew it. It was reported that they cleared that area before the craft landed, and he says he knew something was happening.
I was questioning why they were here, what did they want, where did they come from. Josh steadied my fears with his commentary. I was too concerned with my family at this time to concern myself with things out of my control.
I did what was needed to help my daughter and family work and live in this new world.

Josh Marshal
I lost my job, and we moved in with my wife’s mother in Pennsylvania. I am looking for work; even the jobs that I am over qualified for are not hiring. Now the United States is being overrun by overactive aliens. Not from Mexico, but from another world.
I am helping my stepmother out at the church, but I have not made many connections there. I look after my daughter a lot more since Rachel had volunteered for the Lentusnues. She has been offered a position at the nearby office, and is now working with them. When they arrived, I did not know what to think. I hoped our government had made the proper arrangements.
The smart aliens keep to themselves and the big aliens seem too scared to act out. The Lentusnues are too much. They seem nice, but too childlike. Rachel tells me that the community of Lentusnues that she is working with wants to spread. I will never find a job if they spread too far.

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I Must Escape

I have got to get out of this prison. We all have been unjustly imprisoned in. I try to remember my ball playing days. Track was my name. I was running left and right, catching and throwing the ball. Not dropping it, no never. I have good hands, but I loved running. I would aim each throw for the green shirts.
Our rivals had red shirts. They cannot touch the ball. We ran side by side with each other, but never touching. The ball was in the air we knew where it was going. The fastest runner would reach the ball. The first one of us that saw it first, got it, as the other chased. I did not like being the chaser.
Our prison is full of comrades with numbers for names, and once foes that I now try to become allies with. Most of the prisoners just want to get home, but fear the Bio-Soldiers. I heard there was a plan to escape. I am told to wait and make friends with once foes. I try to remember good times, but my last game comes to mind. I was looking; the ball hit my eye first.
A new teammate that I was not expecting ball, threw it to me. I did not jump for it. He never threw a high ball again. He plays good ball that I just watch now. My vision in one eye has not come clear. An old player recruited me to be a runner. I have to remember that I love running.
The crowded prison has become less lonely now, but we all want to get out. I have befriended two Lentusnues that at times can upset me. They run and jump in the small room that I can just take a few steps around. We get scolded in the big room for running. The Lentusnues are scolded often. I feel for them.
The Bio-Soldiers imprisoned few Animusles. The few that are at this camp stay to themselves. I watch them more these days. They seem more alive. The other Pollexues stay out of trouble. Unlikely teams of prisoners are forming around me. I just watch and wait.
This morning there was a ruckus. I stayed in line and followed the way. We boarded a craft. I did not know what was happening. I just stayed in line, and hoped for escape.
The Animusles established a science craft that had three environments that suited each of us. I stayed in line and followed the way. The craft left the solar system, and it was announced to prepare for high speed travel. We all were given the proper medications, and half the craft chose to sleep. The Animusles have a hard time staying awake at these speeds.
Most of the other Pollexues stayed awake in case of trouble. The Lentusnues that stayed awake were the most trouble on this many years trip. I did not have trouble being awake. I did not cause trouble either. I read a lot and learned a lot on this trip to an inhabited planet with the three atmospheres we need to live.

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At the Micallic Solar system

An escape occurred in a galaxy far-far away from Earth where three planets support life. The life forms of these planets differ from being seven-foot giants to five-foot beings with high intellect. The third planet has the largest population and is the most volatile. A number of communities of Lentusnues on this planet were at war.
A union was formed on the grounds of having common enemies of the many Lentusnues communities. This union formed the Lentusnues Empire. Like most Empires they did not just want to run the planet, this Empire wanted to run the solar system. Over the next decades, the Empire grew to control most of the goods and services around this solar system.
Most of the Pollexues from the closest planet liked the Empire’s peacekeepers that keep the conflicts on their planet to a minimum. There were two main assemblies of Pollexues, which were mostly at peace with each other. There were committees that wanted to grow the relations with the Lentusnues Empire to help their economy grow. They saw the peace the Empire had brought to the, Lentusnues, once chaotic planet.
The Animusles kept to themselves, but after the Lentusnues Empire investigated colonizing their planet, they had to act. The Empire was over-confident and thought the Animusles would be easy to subdue. After their first landing, the Empire thought that they would land a battle cruiser, but the Animusles were prepared.
They didn’t bomb the craft or anything as explosive. The Animusles had bio-engineered workers that they turned into soldiers. These soldiers took the battle cruiser and killed all on board with ease. The Lentusnues Empire took these actions as acts of war. The Empire was driven back to their planet or imprisoned, but the solar system was never the same.
The Bio-Soldiers that the Animusles created at first as workers with the ability to learn did learn a lot from this war. These soldiers kept the peace by imprisoning criminals and all of the Micallian Solar System who rebelled against their order. A moon of the Animusles’ planet was cold but sufficient to hold a number of prisoners. A group of prisoners from the Empire started to form a union with other prisoners from all three planets.
The few caretakers of this prison moon did not see a reason to mind about prisoners working well together. Over the next year, these prisoners started a person to person relay to the planet below by the willing pilots that carried goods to the moon. There was a monthly transport from the planet to each prison camp on this moon.
The united prisoners could not join with any of the other camps before a craft was available to ship these united prisoners away. The craft that the prisoners acquired was a science environmental craft that was suited for long-term travel. The prisoners took the craft out of the solar system to a far off system in the Milky Way.

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