Space Travel?

Traveling to other solar systems via. Fictional stories. The Star Trek way, by warping space around the shuttle, is too un-real when you think about it too much. Light speed travel is too slow to travel to another solar system. The human body wouldn’t be able to handle the time dilations on a shuttle moving at light speed. If we were in frozen stasis pods, we’d have freezer burn and wouldn’t survive.

Travel within our solar system is too slow today, but via. Fictional stories it is believable. In my first New Mars book I introduced light speed travel. We can get to Mars in four seconds, right? No we first need to reach light speed, it takes an hour to gain such speeds, but it takes just a minute to cercal the sun at the speed of light, and then an hour to slow down to Mars. The passengers would be drugged, so they could handle such speeds.

You’re asking why go around the sun…well if you want to move at the speed of light you need to go further. Once in motion, with zero gravity and zero atmosphere, let’s just say it’s hard to stop. The slow boat to Mars takes two weeks, in The New Mars that takes place after the mid-21st century. Today it takes seven months, but when we have space crafts that can get us to Mars in two week we will have month long Space Cruses to Mars and back.

In real life it looks like we won’t have to wait too long for two day Space Cruses around Earth. Vacation at Zero Gravity will make you feel up lifted literally, and take some weight off your, feet, back, and shoulders. On Mars there is a retirement community in my books, because there’s a third Earth gravity on Mars and it’s a great place to retire too.

Traveling to another solar system we would use a light speed craft that would reach five times the speed of light, but it would still take us over twenty years to travel to a solar system with a planet like Earth. We would have one hundred toddlers who would be in pods full of enriched puss to nourish their growing bodies. Audio education files would be playing the entire trip to ensure the children of New Earth are well educated.

The Light Speed Space Ship would cercal the planet as it slows down and the now fully grown children will be waking up and getting to know each other. The story starts before the takeoff with the profiteers funding the project, the scientist amazed by the exploration, and the pessimists talking about it being the way to save humanity, after we’ve ruined Home Earth.

I’m thinking of the Christmas Carol theme, not religious but, with the four points of Humanity.