The President’s Think-Tank


Politics are great to use as a premise for a story, but just half the people will like the story. I write fiction anyway.




Blame the Think-Tank


The President asked what’s the plan should we attack. I shook my head and replied that it was too late. You should have seen his face when he asked when we should have attacked. I said, oh, about a year ago if not before. Then he pointed out the problem with that.

We did tell him the consequences for not keeping the embassies secure, but he said we should worry about getting him reelected, and he would deal with the terrorists after they are more relevant. I wanted him reelected; I didn’t want to lose my job, so I told him how the Republicans could use it against him, if he raised the security threat.

I suggested he should to delay the attack as long as possible, because who know who’ll take over, if we take out the ruler now. I gave him my thoughts of who would benefit the most after our attack, and he didn’t like what I was saying, so he’s using the delay tactic, which should work until the next elections.  


I’ve wanted to share my views on the President’s actions, but I know better. We should blame the people, the people who tell the president what to do. You say, no one tells the president what to do, well I live in the United States of America, so I blame the people most of all.