Vote ?Economy?

Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand how to make the economy grow…. Trump’s plane helps everyday people by relieving the big corporations of expenses, so they can hire more workers to make more products to lower the prices of everyday purchases. Yes, Hillary plane will make more jobs…more government employs to count our money and find ways to waste it so they get some of our money in their pockets.

Be Smart Vote Tromp!!!

Vote for change!

Not Me: Why are the votes fixed in the US.

Me: That’s loser talk….

Not Me: But then why are their super delegates?

Me: The super delegates job is to prevent a candidate to be elected who is too left or right winged. And to prevent a criminal or a business man who is just looking out for his own interests to have a chance to become President.

Not Me: It doesn’t look like the super delegates did their jobs.

Me: Well, at least Trumps is looking out for the people, because when he’s elected he’s looking at a big pay cut….

Not Me: I know, the white house will be a big downgrade from the houses he’s used to.

Me: I don’t know that it would be a big downgrade, but yes he has lived in nice houses.

Not Me: So I guess, you’re voting for Trump.

Me: I’m not happy how the Democrat’s agenda has worked out over the last eight years so I’m voting for change and the Republican way.

Not Me: But I don’t know that Trump can do the job.

Me: He has more experience managing big groups of workers than Obama did when he was elected.

Not Me: But he filed for bankruptcy.

Me: He’s had more successful businesses than Clinton, who has failed us in more ways than I can list.

I missed it!

Sunday Night Football! Last night I was watching the Eagles ver. Dollass game. It was the fourth quarter, and I was having trouble keeping my eyes opened, sorry to say. The game was exciting, but my dosage was wearing off.

There were less than three minutes left and the referees were reviewing a fumble that I missed, my eyes were closed for a second. I looked at the clock and thought the game was going into overtime. I needed something to keep my eyes opened for a fifth quarter.

It was past time to take the dog out, so I figured a brisk walk would help me stay awake. I usually take him for a quarter mile walk before turning in. We went out thinking just a short walk, but before I knew it the dog was pulling me around the block. We got home and the game was over.

“What, What Happened!”

I missed it???

After the review the Eagles kept the ball and, “the next play they scored and held on to win the game.”???

If you don’t know why the Eagles Fans hate Dallas so much, you must have missed the 80s. The Cowboys kept bucking the Eagles out of the post season in the 80s. The Eagles Fans are an extraordinary group of characters, a few weeks ago I saw a spoof film on the Fox pregame show. They included a seen from a half time show when the Eagles Fans booed and threw snow balls at Santa.

“What gives him the right to be so jolly, when the Eagles are losing.”

That’s my defense.

“Why I shot my dog”

I feel I should let you know that Chancy Boy is alive and well? I write mostly fiction?

Chance on Kitchen floor

Life Sentence!

Hillary Clinton takes the stand, agrees to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

The prosecutor asks the same question that has been asked time and time again, but expects a different answer.  “Miss. Clinton did you or did you not send classified emails as Secretary of State?”

Her response, “No, I did not.”

The Prosecutor looks to the Judge, “Judge, may I state the obvious that if the Secretary of State sent emails about foreign governments that weren’t classified, then she wasn’t doing her job.”

The judge looks at Hillary Clinton, “Bailiff arrest Miss. Clinton and hold her until she chooses to stop lying.”

Talking about a life sentence….

Space Travel?

Traveling to other solar systems via. Fictional stories. The Star Trek way, by warping space around the shuttle, is too un-real when you think about it too much. Light speed travel is too slow to travel to another solar system. The human body wouldn’t be able to handle the time dilations on a shuttle moving at light speed. If we were in frozen stasis pods, we’d have freezer burn and wouldn’t survive.

Travel within our solar system is too slow today, but via. Fictional stories it is believable. In my first New Mars book I introduced light speed travel. We can get to Mars in four seconds, right? No we first need to reach light speed, it takes an hour to gain such speeds, but it takes just a minute to cercal the sun at the speed of light, and then an hour to slow down to Mars. The passengers would be drugged, so they could handle such speeds.

You’re asking why go around the sun…well if you want to move at the speed of light you need to go further. Once in motion, with zero gravity and zero atmosphere, let’s just say it’s hard to stop. The slow boat to Mars takes two weeks, in The New Mars that takes place after the mid-21st century. Today it takes seven months, but when we have space crafts that can get us to Mars in two week we will have month long Space Cruses to Mars and back.

In real life it looks like we won’t have to wait too long for two day Space Cruses around Earth. Vacation at Zero Gravity will make you feel up lifted literally, and take some weight off your, feet, back, and shoulders. On Mars there is a retirement community in my books, because there’s a third Earth gravity on Mars and it’s a great place to retire too.

Traveling to another solar system we would use a light speed craft that would reach five times the speed of light, but it would still take us over twenty years to travel to a solar system with a planet like Earth. We would have one hundred toddlers who would be in pods full of enriched puss to nourish their growing bodies. Audio education files would be playing the entire trip to ensure the children of New Earth are well educated.

The Light Speed Space Ship would cercal the planet as it slows down and the now fully grown children will be waking up and getting to know each other. The story starts before the takeoff with the profiteers funding the project, the scientist amazed by the exploration, and the pessimists talking about it being the way to save humanity, after we’ve ruined Home Earth.

I’m thinking of the Christmas Carol theme, not religious but, with the four points of Humanity.

I didn’t mean to do it???

Oh I hate him, I wish I could talk to him, I’m hopeless. What could I do to make him see me for who I am, do I want him to see a week little girl with a crush? He always passes me in class, to his seat at the back of the room. He’s not one of the bad kids, but he stays hidden, and tries not to be noticed in class.

He’s quiet, but not shy with his friends. I wish I was one of his friends. My mom used to say that I needed to be more out going to make friends. I don’t know how outgoing she was, other than with her Covent. I would ask her if I could go with her and her friends, but she always said, “Focus on your study’s dear, and after you find your focus you may join us.”

Every full moon she would party with the Covent, but I never could join them, because my mother never thought I had enough focus. I guessed that she meant I had to graduate school first, but now she’s gone, and she was my only friend. I go to the attic to look threw her boxes of books and Halloween stuff.

When she was alive it was like Halloween all year, but we didn’t have candy, she would make funny looking meals from time to time. Maybe one of the books is a cook book, and I could make something the boy would like.

Oh I haven’t been up here for a while. There’s dust everywhere, oh there are her boxes, let’s see.  Spells, spells, spells, oh what’s this? Love Spells, well maybe there’s something like directions on making a pie for someone you love.

What’s this, directions to make a doll, no that can’t be right? Love Doll, use to control your love. Maybe I can learn to control my love, so I stop loving what I can’t have…no this says it’s used to control the person who you love. Will this work? Well, what do I need?

The next day the girl had a small doll in her bag that she made from what she found in the attic and a few things she has collected over the years of the boy she loves to hate. She walked nervously for her locker, and had a thought that she might leave the doll in the locker.

She saw the boy was down the hall, with doll in hand she walked up behind him and said under her breath the incantation to spell the doll for the boy.

She took a step back, and said, “Hi John.”

John made a quick 180 to face her, and said, “Oh, Amy I was wondering who was sneaking up behind me.”

Amy stood with a grin.

He snarled at her and said, “Keep your distance.” And terns back to his friends.

Amy’s eyes widened, she looked at the doll, turned away, squeezed its head and heard a thud behind her.

The boy was on the ground with his hands grasping at his head. The girl dropped the doll and the boy cried out.

Why vote?

Why am I a republican? In short Republicans get things done while Democrats just talk about it.

I am pro-choice, I believe the mother should have the right to end the pregnancy for any reason with in the first two trimesters, even though it’s murder. The child is part of the mother, so she can do as she wishes.

I feel that anybody has the right to love whomever they wish, even though it’s agents our nature.

Legalizing Marijuana will hurt out children, even for its medical purposes, because it will make it easier to access. I smoked my first joint when I was ten with a friend who stole it from his father’s stash. I do understand how easy it may already be, but it doesn’t need to be easier to get.

Those three issues cause people to vote Democrat, but I don’t see how those issues should affect how I vote. I’m not a woman and I’m not homosexual. I have reason to get a prescription for medical marijuana, and I probably would, but I still wouldn’t vote to legalize it.

The long reason I vote Republican for every election is that I’m already too depend on the government. I see a Democrat and I see someone who chooses to be a dependent, too needy, too reliant on the government. There is more to it but that sums it up nicely.
I ask you to choose wisely.